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Christine Ng

Christine Ng, often described as enthusiastic and candid (with a rein-in wicked sense of humour.) is the space stylist for Cream Pte Ltd. Self-taught and driven by passion and her keen sense of intuition, she is the latest official addition to Cream Pte Ltd.

Be it incorporating existing well-loved items to complement a newly renovated space, or working with a family who can’t do away with the glorious childhood messes of their little ones, Christine firmly believes that the best way to style is from the heart.

Styling projects with Christine are not just about what you can buy- because she understands that sometimes the most treasured things aren’t brand new. This translates into giving cherished items a new perspective through either a small area refresh or seamless incorporation into major renovation work. Any purchases during/thereafter will all be guided or as well-discussed/accompanied as the client wishes. No retail store is too cheap (or expensive) to pick something from, and Christine is able to work well within most budget ranges of her clients.

Outside of work, she loves to cook for her loved ones. Or eat something delicious with them. Or hang out (and eat) with the other team members from Cream whom she absolutely adores. So yeah, she’s a huge foodie.

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