Artistic, original, experimental yet traditional

The same as falling in love and getting married. The beauty of 2 persons coming together, spending the rest of their lives together and creating memories that is at the same time traditional in our asian culture but experimental as 2 unique personalities collide. Marriage is an art, just like our photography and videography. We are original, just like every couples that we shoot. We are tell stories.

Stay out of sight

That is how we work. We observe with quiet curiosity, spring into action when the emotions flow on your most beautiful day. We will at times take control and offer advice on your actual wedding day—just so your day will be smooth as cream. Your day is important to us and we move from journalistic to artistic in order to capture your best memories. We push ourselves, work on our craft so that you will remember and relive the moments as the years passes. A picture says a thousand words.

Diversity breeds creativity

Animator, Visual Effects Artist, Editor, Producer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Art Director and Non-conformists. We come from diverse backgrounds and our experience creates the unique perspective you see in our work. Think Art.

Meet Tiong Jin

Tiong Jin aka TJ, has been photographing weddings since 2009. A father, husband and sucker for good food. When he is not bending light to his will, he can be found training his 5 year old daughter to be a documentary photographer in his spare time.

Meet Han Thon

Free-spirit, reformed scooterist and a backpacker. When he is not springing around a wedding like a kid—high on sugar, he can be found at a coffeeshop reading or planning his next $10 a day adventure to some nearby country. He brings along his wife if she asks nicely.

Share your story with us

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