Shannon & Natalie Wedding Video – Same Day Edit

This is Shannon and Natalie’s 3rd wedding. Not that they had previous marriages with different partners, but they held their wedding solemnisation and previous celebrations in different parts of the world.

When we first met Shannon and Natalie, we didn’t know what to expect. They are sort of ‘old hands’ at this wedding thing. :) Any doubts of jadedness were soon dispelled—the chemistry between the 3 of them was simply electrifying—did we mention there’s a daughter too? From Natalie’s account, they never had a serious argument before in the years they’ve been together.

According to Shannon, he broke out his dance moves on first meeting with Natalie; who was visiting a friend in Shanghai, China. She was hooked. He admitted afterwards that Natalie probably took pitied on him and gave him her number. It’s amazing though, how both of them actually maintained a long-distance relationship before Natalie took a gamble, moved to Shanghai and here they are—a story fitting for a Hollywood love flick. So, long-distance relationship detractors, eat this.

Disclaimer: You might get violently sick from this wedding video. There’s baby diapers, brown stuff and durians involved in the gate-crashing. Not for the faint-hearted ‘ang mo’s. :P


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